Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fruits-Graham Refrigerator Cake

What a coincidence because our  lesson is all about Graham Crackers. Graham crackers were invented around 1830 by Sylvester Graham. He wanted people to eat more fruits and vegetables and wheat breads that were brown instead of white. Graham Crackers were made of whole-wheat flour, and it's considered a healthy snack!

However, the modern graham crackers are no longer as healthy as before! Graham crackers are more famous in making cakes like this recipe.

I wanted to make the famous Mango-Graham Refrigerator Cake, but the 5 small mangoes I bought had too much fiber.  I only used two layers, and luckily I still have a small can of peach which I added for the 3rd layer. I didn't put much condensed milk!

The ingredients: graham crackers, mango, condensed milk, all purpose cream.

Layer some graham crackers in a flat container, spread some condensed milk.

Spread some all purpose cream just enought to cover the graham crackers,
layer the fruit above the cream ( I used mango first)

Cover the fruit with graham crackers, spread again some milk and cream,
Put some fruit on top of the milk and cream (I used Peach). Last, cover again
with graham crackers (graham crackers crumbs - optional)

Cover and place it in the refrigerator for an hour or more. Serve as a dessert or
just simply snacks!

I still have extra ingredients, so I made another - kiwi! I like the blending
of sweet and sour.
Happy Mother's Day to All Moms
I told  my students to surprise their mom of this quickest and easiest treat!

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