Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coconut Cookies

 Back in the Philippines, I used to eat a lot of coconut in our food. For instance, coconut milk in chicken, beef, or fish and even for desserts or snacks. Back then every coconut is fresh, I remember the time consumed in just one coconut. From breaking, grating, and squeezing  were all made by hand. Unlike today, it's very convenient we can buy coconut milk  or grated coconut in the supermarket. But I think, anything fresh is still good!

Anyways, it's the last Potluck Sunday for May, this time I'm bringing Coconut Cookies for everyone. I adapted the recipe from a Taiwanese Cookbook. I used brown sugar instead of ordinary white one.The taste seems like coconut macaroons I used to eat back home. I think I made it right! It's crunchy and chewy!

90g sifted cake flour
120g grated coconut
1 egg, slightly beaten
70g butter, room temperature
30g milk powder
30g brown sugar

 In a bowl, beat butter and brown sugar gradually, until mixture looks pale and smooth. Add beaten egg into the mixture, mixing gradually. Add milk powder and mix. Add cake flour into the mixture, followed by grated coconuts.
Combine mixture using hand gently. Roll the dough into a small balls and coat on grated coconuts (extra ingredient). Arrange on a baking tray and bake at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.

I borught like 20 pieces in the Church, my friends couldn't resist and immediately ate them and asking me, if there are more. They told me to bring more next time. For me, that's one way of appreciating my baking (it's kind of inspiring), better than last week about the Green Tea Cookies. :) Learning by doing is really fun!

Have a nice week ahead of you!
See you next Potluck Sunday!
Mommy’s Kitchen

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