Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vegetarian Spring Roll

After the Palm Sunday Mass, our sisters in the church gave us spring roll wrapper (lumpia wrapper). Since it's Holy Week, It' my choice  not to eat any meat  and seafood the whole week.

 In our language we call that "lumpiang shanghai". There are different ways how to make them. I started to make vegetarian spring roll consist of fresh tofu and beansprout as the main ingredients.I think any vege will do...I didn't use any preservative flavoring, except for salt and pepper. I don't think I need to make sauce either, because it's already tasty! The ingredients are - fresh tofu - beansprout -carrot -celery -onion -garlic -salt and pepper -chili powder (optional) -lumpia wrapper -cooking oil (I used canola). I fried the tofu first, followed by garlic and onion. I added carrots and beansprout., put some seasoning, set aside until it's cool! Spread the spring roll, put at least 2 tablespoon of cooked vegetables, wrapped it... I made 8 pieces. Heat oil again, wait until the oil is hot enough, put the spring roll, roll them to cook evenly. If the wrapper turn brown, then it's cooked! Crunchy!!!

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