Friday, April 9, 2010

Fish in Miso Soup

Fish in Miso Soup
Another trial and error, I love miso soup but I have no idea how to make it from scratch. Anyways, here what I did...
I prepared the following ingredients...
- 2 slice of fillet fish (cut into bite size)
- 1/2 box of tofu (bean curd)
- 50 g of miso paste (original flavor)
- 1 stem of scallion
- salt and pepper to taste
- few green vegeIngredients for Miso Soup

As I mentioned, I cut the fish and tofu into small pieces. Dissolved miso well, and I chopped the scallion. I boiled 2 cups of water, the I put the fish, tofu, miso, and seasoning. I added the green vege, and simmer for few minutes. Sprinkle some scallion, I also squeezed lemon. It's good!

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