Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls

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In my Mandarin Class, I have Vietnamese classmates and I thought of making their famous spring rolls. I'm so happy, they like the taste except for the wrapper. They suggested next time  cut the wrapper in half so it wouldn't be so thick and the mixture will be cook easily. In the orginal recipe from Wandering Chopsticks, ground pork is added. Unfortunately, yours truly is not eating pork so I added beef instead. Maybe, next time more vege will be added like carrots  or mushrooms.

handful vermicelli (mung bean noodles)
3 shallots, chopped
3 spring onion, chopped
300g shrimps, chopped
300g beef, ground or chopped
1 tablespoon fish sauce  or oyster sauce (I used soy sauce)
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar
pinch of pepper
olive oil
Vietnamese Wrapper
In a big bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix well. Let it marinate for 10-20 minutes. Soak noodles in cold water. Add the noodles in the mixture. Keep mixing to blend all the flavor.

Rub the wrapper with water until soft. Place in  flat surface. Scoop a tablespoon of mixture, place in the middle of a wrapper. Fold one side over to the mixture, then fold left and right sides. Roll forward to wrap the mixture.

Heat oil, deep fried the spring rolls (make sure not too crowd, the wrapper is kind of sticky). Place in a absorbent or paper towel to drain excess oil.
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Serve hot. If desired, sauce of your choice. Enjoy!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

My mouth is watering looking at your photo. I love spring rolls. Diane

☺lani☺ said...

Thanks! I think I should add more vege like carrots next time :)

mumsified said...

Seriously, that looks delicious. I'd have chili sauce with that =)

Cheerful said...

wow, this spring rolls looks delicious! sweet chili sauce would be yummy with it! hapy food trip friday! :)

Luna Miranda said...

i'd love to have some nouc cham with your spring rolls.:p carrots and raisins, too.

imriz said...

a cousin served us this one time, i haven't tried doing it. looks crunchy.

Gizelle said...

I love cha gio! thanks for the recipe!

Madz said...

Nice! I thought the wrapper was quite "thin" in the uncooked photos, but I was surprised to read that the wrapper was then too "thick" when cooked, but hey I'll still munch on those like crazy! :)

maiylah said...

that looks yummy! i haven't tried them fried before...

Lui said...

One of my all-time favorite foods - spring rolls! Thanks for sharing the recipe, will try it =)

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Have a fun weekend!

Clarissa said...

Haven't tried the vietnamese style spring rolls--looks yummy for me!Thanks for the recipe^_^

Food Trip Friday

Newlyweds said...

oh, i love spring rolls..wanna grab one!

Vernz said...

I love their rice paper its so delicate looking... look yummy.

My Food Trip Friday here said...

I love it with lots of veggies!

Dhemz said...

wow! kakaiba naman ang version nang spring rolls nila jan...interesting!

my FTF is up as well!

Jay - agent112778 said...

i also like to try this lumpia, the pper is very appetizing.para ma iba naman ang lumpia ko

here's my food TRIP friday entry
here's my FOOD FRIDAY entry

MommyLES said...

healthy food!


Erin @ EKat's Kitchen said...

I love spring rolls, thick skinned or thin skinned... and of course, made even more amazing with the shrimp. I love shrimp! Thanks for sharing with Friday Potluck again this week, Lani, I always look forward to your posts!

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