Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All About Tofu

According to this book, Tofu is divided in to 3 main categories:
Traditional Pressed Tofu - made with gypsum (calcium sulfate) or salt brine (concentrated seawater). It can classified into silken tofu and firm tofu.
Boxed Tofu - the soybean using tofu juice for this kind of tofu has lower content of calcium.
Japanese tofu - classified as momen tofu (firmer and rich in fragrance) and kinugoshi tofu (silken tofu is smooth that almost melts in your mouth)

Upon reading this book, I guess the  things you want to know are: How to make soybean milk? How to make soybean curd? How to make tofu? I'll try to blog the 25 dish listed below, but not exactly the same ingredients:
1. Cold Tofu with Dried Shrimps and Century Eggs
2. Deep Fried Tofu Balls
3. Slated Fish Head and Tofu Soup (1)
4. Crispy Tofu Rolls
5. Home Style Tofu
6. Basil Tofu
7. Tofu Treasure Boxes
8. Tofu Wonton with Spice Dressing
9. Vegetarian Tofu
10. Egg Tofu with Fermented Black Beans and Chili
11. Crispy Home-made Tofu
12. Ma Po Tofu - Spicy Egg Tofu with Brocolli
13. Steamed Tofu Balls with Black Moss
14. Stir-Fried Tofu with Chili and Anchovy - Spicy Tofu and Dried Fish
15. Crispy Fried Tofu
16. Fish Head and Tofu Soup (2)
17. Kimchi Tofu Hot Pot
18. Pipa Tofu with Dried Scallops
19. Yong Tau Tofu
20. Braised Tofu Parcels
21. Baked Tofu with Bacon and Cheese
22. Savoury Bean Curd
23. Tofu and Cherry Tomtoes Bruschetta
24. Tofu Salad
25. Baked Tofu Lasagna

Here are some Tofu Dishes I've cooked: (not included in the list above)
26. Simply Fried Tofu
27. Dried Tofu with Celery
28. Bitter Gourd and Tofu
29. Tofu and Eggplant in Oyster Sauce
30. Tofu and Beansprout Spring Roll
31. Tofu and Vegetable Soup

Berry Tofu Smoothie

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