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Fish 100 and More

Fish 100 is a Chinese cookbook by Angela Cheng. It contains 100 recipes for cooking fish in different ways like steaming, stir-frying, stewing, quick boiling, frying, deep-frying, baking, chilling, and making soups. The recipes are more of Cantonese Taste. She uses different combinations of seasonings interchanging to come up with different dish.
I'm going to list all of them here, just for reference:

Before Steaming
Before Stir Frying
Before Stewing
Before Quick Boiling
Before Frying
Before Deep Frying
Before Baking
Before Chilling
Before Making Soups

  1. Steamed Fish Head with Dried Radish

  2. Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce

  3. Steamed Fish with Tree Seeds

  4. Steamed Fish Slices with Garlic Sauce

  5. Steamed Egg with Cod

  6. Steamed Fish Fillet with Bean Sauce

  7. Steamed Fish, Cantonese Style

  8. Steamed Fish Cubes with XO Sauce

  9. Stemaed Fish with Black Mushroom Sauce

  10. Steamed Fish Rolls with Asparagus

  11. Steamed Tri-color Fish

  12. Steamed Fish with Spicy Meat Sauce

  13. Lemon Fish, Thai Style

  14. Stir-fried Fish with Preserved Mustard Greens

  15. Fish Slices with Oyster Sauce

  16. Stir-fried Fish Slices with Yu-Hsiang Sauce

  17. Stir-fried Fish, Cantonese Style

  18. Stir-fried Fish with Eggs

  19. Fish Slices with Wine Sauce

  20. Stir-fried Fish Fillet with Fermented Beans

  21. Fish Slices with Tomato

  22. Stir-fried Eel with Bean Sprouts and Leek

  23. Spicy Diced Fish

  24. Stewed Fish with Garlic

  25. Stewed Fish with Green Onion

  26. Stewed Fish with Spices

  27. Stewed Fish with Mustard Green

  28. Stewed Fish with Fermented Cabbage

  29. Fish with Vegetable Sauce

  30. Carp with Hot Bean Sauce

  31. Stewed Fish Tail, Shanghai Style

  32. Stewed Fish with Soysauce

  33. Stewed Eel with Gingko Nuts

  34. Fish with Curry Sauce

  35. Stewed Fish Jaws with Black Bean Sauce

  36. Stewed Fish Head with meat Sauce

  37. Stewed Salmon Head with Garlic

  38. Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

  39. Fish Strips with Spicy Sauce

  40. Sweet and Sour Fish with Bean Threads

  41. Fish Strips with Sha-Cha Sauce

  42. Diced Fish with Snow Peas

  43. Fried Pomfret

  44. Fried Flounder with Garlic Sauce

  45. Fired Fish Fillet with XO Sauce

  46. Fried Crispy Fish

  47. Brown Peppercorn Salt Flavored  Fish

  48. Crispy Fish Pie

  49. Fried Fish Rolls with Creamy Wine Sauce

  50. Egg Rolls with Small fish

  51. Fried Pomfret Fillet with Clam Sauce

  52. Deep-fried Fish with Fruit Sauce

  53. Deep-fried Crispy Fish Strips

  54. Two Flavored Fish Rolls

  55. Fish Fillet with Orange Sauce

  56. Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

  57. Pomfret with Butter and Garlic

  58. Fish with Treasures

  59. Sweet and Sour Boneless Fish

  60. Curry Cod with Popped Rice

  61. Deep-fried Fish with Mayonnaise

  62. Deep-fried Salmon Balls

  63. Deep-fried Fish Strips

  64. Fish with Two Mushrooms

  65. Baked Fish with Cheese

  66. Fish Fillet with Bacon and Garlic

  67. Baked Cod with White Wine Sauce

  68. Baked Miso Fish

  69. Baked Pomfret with Teriyaki Sauce

  70. Baked Smelt, Japanese Style

  71. Baked Salmon with Garlic

  72. Baked Tuna with Mushroom

  73. Baked Fish Fillet with Mustard Sauce

  74. Smoked Salmon Rolls

  75. Smoked Salmon Salad

  76. Salmon Salad, Cantonese Style

  77. Tuna and Fruit Salad, Japanese Style

  78. Stewed Carps with Green Onion

  79. Fish Salad, Korean Style

  80. Deep-fried Spicy Fish

  81. Smoked Promfet

  82. Curry fish with Vegetables

  83. Cold Fish, Italian Style

  84. Cold Fish with Tomatoes

  85. Crispy Fish with Peanuts

  86. Sweet and Crispy Fish

  87. Fish Soup with Radish and Clams

  88. Fish Soup with Vinegar and Pepper

  89. Miso Soup

  90. Sour Soup, Vietnam Style

  91. Fish Head in Casserole

  92. Home Style Fish Ball Soup

  93. Sliced Fish Soup, Hunan Style

  94. Fish Potage with Green Vegetable

  95. Noodle with Read Sea Bream

  96. Sour and Spicy Fish Potage

  97. Fish Soup, Cantonese Style

  98. Fish Pot, Korean Style
More Fish....
  1. Fish Stock
  2. Steamed Salmon in Cabbage
  3. Steamed Fish Fillet
  4. Fried Dried Fish and Tofu
  5. Fried Milkfish in Light Soysauce
  6. Salmon and Cabbage Fried Rice

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