Monday, February 1, 2010

All About Home Cooking

All About Home Cooking is a basic book specially for beginner in the kitchen like me. It teaches the essential of cooking, some fundamental techniques, cooking tips, and includes 25 easy recipes using everyday ingredients. Some topics are: About Stir-frying; About Pan-frying; About Steaming; About Boiling; and About Stewing.
  1. Stir-fried Kangkong with Thai Shrimp Paste
  2. Spicy Sichuan Eggplant
  3. Dry-Fried String Beans
  4. Minced Meat Potato
  5. Stir-fried Prawns and Brocolli
  6. Stir-fried Spicy Chicken
  7. Braised Mushroom and Chicken
  8. Braised Pork
  9. Stir-fried Beef with Green Peppers
  10. Braised Beef with Carrot and Radish
  11. Quick Fried Beef with Spring Onion
  12. Steamed Cod Fish
  13. Lemon Fish
  14. Pan-fried Pomfret
  15. Braised Fish
  16. Scrambled Eggs with Prawns
  17. Steamed Prawn and Chicken Rolls
  18. Bak Kut Teh (Pork Ribs Herb Soup)
  19. Pork Ribs and Soybean Sprouts Soup
  20. Cuttlefish with Special Sauce
  21. Sausage Fried Rice
  22. Century Egg and Pork Porridge
  23. Vegetarian Fried Noodles
  24. Vermicelli with Pork, Shrimps and Mushrooms
  25. Seafood and Tomato Pasta

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