Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Food Tour: Out of India

"Out of India". is just a small restaurant but the food are good!
When I was still studying my M.A., my foreign classmates and I
discovered many places to eat near our university (NTNU).

Here's one of our favorite Indian Restaurant:

I had this "Chiken Piazwala"(lightly spiced chicken with spring onions) .

"Butter Naan"(clay oven bread)
Denroy (Belize)  and Melissa had "Mutton Piazwala" (lightly spiced lamb with onion), mango juice with lassi (with yougurt)...yummy! I told Melissa she looks like Indian ( she said lots of people told her...she's from Honduras).

We will show you how did we enjoyed the food:

Look how Meli prepared...
... the way she ate!
... the way Denroy ate!
...the way I ate!
... well, that's me... just appreciating the food!
(actually, they asked me to do it!)
See the two guys... they were in the small
counter, preparing our food...
Indian food for the 2nd time...
I tried this one... rice and chicken curry,
I like the to "naan"( bread) better...


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

That looks like a yummy night out. Diane

Bogie said...

Oh, I think I'm gonna love that food. When I was in Malaysia I've tried eating Chicken Curry and Chapati (I don't know the correct spelling) it looks similar to the Butter Naan. :D Im sure this is yummy!

Junneth said...

My food like this... Is it spicy? It must be delicious!

Junneth said...

My food like this... Is it spicy? It must be delicious!

Jenn said...

I want to taste real Indian food, too!

My Yummy Sunday post is up HERE.

Ebie said...

Na'an and curry chicken is always a hit when we dine at Indian Restaurants. Your food photos make me drool!

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