Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Food Tour: Starcruise Libra

Starcruise Virgo2
The photo above had been posted in my Taipei City Blog. Our first afternoon meal in Chinese Cuisine known as Ocean Palace upon checking in. Star cruise Libra from Taiwan to Japan has 3 choices of places to eat, that's included from the package. Mostly, we had our meal at Four Seasons, more of Western Cuisine. The other Inclusive Restaurant is Mariners Buffer (International Buffet) with to snacks in between meals.

Here some captured food we had on board:
Starcruise Virgo3
I had salmon for dinner, hubby got mix of lamb, chicken and beef. I love their squid salad and cheese cake.

Starcruise Virgo4
Breakfast for two days were just the same! Hubby and I are not breakfast eater, so that's OK!
Starcruise Virgo5
Starcruise Virgo6
During Gala Night, we decided to eat exactly the same meal. We had Escargot for appetizer and Beef and Prawns mixed with Spinach and Asparagus. Ice Cream Cake for desserts.

Starcruise Virgo7
Too bad, we encountered 3 typhoons on our way to Okinawa, so we need to go back one day ahead of time. But for sure, we had a great time!

Overall, the food is just average, I think Starcruise Libra's Cuisne is more better! Although both Chef are from Malaysia.

Happy Weekend!


Anncoo said...

WOW! That must be a most enjoyable trip with all that great food :D

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...
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Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Sorry slip of the finger above and I did not read it properly!!

You are lucky you are still here to tell the story after 3 typhoons!!!

The food looks wonderful and reminds me of our trip to Phuket. Diane

Cooking Gallery said...

What a lovely spread of food! I love the funny looking fried egg:)!

arlini said...

nakakagutom naman ang blog mo :)

Belle said...

They serve sumptuous meal here. Thank you for joining again.

Bogie said...

yummy! I wish to have a trip like that!

Junneth said...

Kamuntik na tumulo laway ko eh.... nakakagutom pero nakakabusog ng mata! Saraaaaaaaap! I guess you enjoyed the trip although there was a typhoon.

Jenn said...

Those were very greatly plated foods! Ang sarap naman ng foods sa Starcruise Libra!

My Yummy Sunday post is served HERE.

Vernz said...

wow, you look happy together, must have been an unforgetable trip ... wait i so love that egg ...

I have cousin who worked as a sous chef in Starcruise Libra ... we call him dog nose ... other than his mighty hands who chops onions in a wink of an eye.. his food are masterpieces...

the food is overwhelming.. yummy!

Yummy Sunday here

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