Friday, March 26, 2010

Cabbage and Potato Soup

Cabbage Soup 2As mentioned in previous blog (Cabbage Soup 1), i took out the beef Tuesday night to thaw, put it back again since I don't meat on Wednesdays and Fridays. Here's the story, last night I thaw it and today I cooked Beef Soup ( Nilagang Baka) today. When I'm about to finish cooking, whew! Today is Friday!!! :(

I've forgotten!!! Anyways, I just added lots of water, seasoning (salt + fish sauce and pepper), more vegetables-cabbage, green beans, and potato. The beef is just the flavor (sort of stock), that's the reason why my Beef Soup suddenly switched to Cabbage Soup 2!

Note: I'm not into cabbage soup diet, it so happen that I bought this big cabbage and the weather is cold. Thanks!

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